Strategic Management

SHR leverages innovation and thought leadership to help customers realize their vision. With the belief that strategic management is a continuous process, SHR supports agency modernization and transformation efforts by working with stakeholders to:

  • Develop a clear vision by understanding and outlining agency goals;
  • Gather and analyze information by evaluating technical shift, market trends, and resource factors;
  • Formulate a strategy that accounts for cost, schedule, and performance;
  • Implement agency strategy leveraging processes and technologies that are open and interoperable, inexpensive to operate and maintain, easy to manage, and secure; and
  • Evaluate and control the delivery by leveraging performance measurements, consistent reviews, and a continuous feedback loop.

We provide SME-level engineering, architecture, and analysis support for the development of artifacts needed for organizational enterprise IT change. We support CTO and CIO initiatives by turning your objectives and thresholds into future modernization road maps.