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IT Capacity Management

SHR consultants work with our clients to help ensure that provisioned IT service capacity is aligned with the evolving demands of our clients’ business and their customers.  We understand that provisioning capacity needs to respond quickly and scale to support consumer service needs, and the challenges in facilitating the creation of new services while maintaining quality of existing services. 


Our trained experts help our clients balance service demand against cost, schedule, and performance without compromising quality or interrupting service. 


Our ability to implement systems and processes which measure, monitor, and react to changing service conditions ensures efficient use of resources and promotes a positive customer experience.  We apply automation to reduce human resources and error from manual tasks.


When applicable, we leverage management platforms to assist with automating the provisioning of cloud services using policy-based tools.  Our consultants can assist with configuring, provisioning, deploying development environments, as well as integrating service management, while adding management, monitoring, back-up, and security within the self-service interface. 

IT Capacity Management

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Understanding current demands and undertaking predictive capacity planning enables our clients to better leverage existing hardware to support an array of virtual servers, better managing operational costs and capital expenditure.